Coquihalla River Skate and Bike Skills Park - Hope BC


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The Skate Park
  • The park is located at 1005 6th. Avenue Hope, BC (directly behind the Dan Sharrers Recreation Centre).
  • Funds for the original .5 acre state park were raised by local kids and their families. It was constructed with some design work by Spectrum Skate parks and lots of donated equipment, materials and labour from local businesses.
  • The Proposed skate park changes are on the adjoining .7 acres east of
    the original park.
The Bicycle Skills Park
  • The 6 acre bike park will be located east of the skate park.
  • It provides an opportunities for bicyclists of all levels of experience to develop a range of skills including: bike handling, balancing and jumping in a natural area.
  • The park will will be built by local volunteers and a professional Bike Park Company.
  • Proposed .3 acre picnic area (near the Coquihalla Bridge).
  • Proposed .3 acre parking area (near the Coquihalla Bridge).
  • It's a place where conservation of the mountain environment is respected and enjoyed by everyone. 
  • Jay Hoots of Hoots Inc. will design a park based on input from the local riding community and is intended to appeal to riders of all levels (from beginner to expert).



Bike Park Project

  • September 2014 - Fall diseased, damaged or dangerous trees
  • September 2014 - Volunteers relocate the new Fort Street Tail
  • October 2014 - Work begins on the Bike Skills Park
  • October 2014 - All trees removed during construction of the Coquihalla River Bike Park were identified by an arborist as unsafe. No healthy trees were cut down. A band-saw mill was brought onto the property and dimensional lumber was cut from these trees.
  • October 2014 - Fort Street Trail completed
  • October 2014 - Jay Hoots of "Hoots Inc" drew up plans for the construction of the parks foundation. 
  • Materials were trucked into the area and the pump tracks and log features were constructed. The wooden structures on the property were all made from the wood milled on the property. The biggest trees were ripped with a chain saw and placed end-to-end to make elevated bike paths.
  • December 2014 - Weather stops work on the bike park for the winter . Work to resume in Spring.
  • December 2014 - Photo's of the Bike Park
  • May 2015 - Jay Hoots crew returns to finish the Park.
  • June 2015 - Grand Opening of the Hope Bike Park

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