Fraser Canyon

"Fraser Canyon"

Photo - 1940's
Alexandra Bridge

The original
"Alexandra Bridge"
over the Fraser River.


Fraser Canyon 1920's

Driving the Canyon, on the left in the 1920's and below in 1946

Fraser Canyon Tunnel

First it was a First Nations trail, then a wagon road to the gold-fields. The highway thru' the Fraser Canyon was very difficult terrain to build on, and dangerous to drive. This road played a major part in the development of British Columbia by joining the lower mainland to the interior. Driving today, you can still see hints of how it was.

"Alexandra Lodge"
Alexandra Lodge

The original lodge in the Canyon

Photo - 1930's

Hells Gate

The Flood of 1948 and
the Fraser River overflowing it's banks.

This is a photo of the original suspension
bridge at Hells Gate, just before it's total destruction.

Photo: May 1948 - Property of Per Saxvik, (P. Eng.) View more photos and information at his exelecent website: