Hope Historical Photos

Hope Town
"The District of Hope"

Looking up the Fraser River
and into the Fraser Canyon


Photo - 1947

“Hope Fraser Bridge”

The original was built in 1916 as a double decked train-bridge (notice the train tracks under the car deck). This joined the "Canadian Pacific Railway" with the "Kettle Valley Railway"

Photo - 1950


Fraser Bridge

Christ Church

Christ Church
Anglican Church of Canada
National Historic Site

The church was built in Hope in
1861 and is the oldest church on the
mainland of B.C.

Known for its Gothic Architecture
it was declared a National Historic Site of Canada in 1994

Photo Copyrighted by Christ Church -
Anglican Church of Canada

Link to: Christ Church

Locally known as the "H-Tree" with the
"Railway Station" in the background.

The train station has since been moved to
the Old Hope Princeton Hwy.

The H-tree (two trees that have grown together)
still stands on Hudson Bay Street...

...although the empty space at the bottom
is now completely filled in

Photo - 1928

H Tree

Wallace Street

Wallace Street

(still the main street in Hope)