Hiking Trails and Bike Routes
Links below will open in Google Earth (Hand drawn paths are not always accurate)

Located in Hope, near the corner of Highway 1 and the Old Hope-Princeton Highway, this well maintained hiking trail is just      10 blocks from downtown Hope. It is a steep trail used by many as an exercise trail. The Hope Mountain Lookout Trail takes about 2 hours round trip. Parking is under the Highway 3 overpass, beside the Old Hope Princeton Hwy. The parking area has picnic tables and a kiosk describing the trail
Ladner Creek is located 1k off the Coquihalla Highway, 28k east of Hope. After a 1k walk along the trail, there is a KVR Train Tunnel that caved in many years ago. To access the trestle, there is a trail around the tunnel that is narrow and can be dangerous. Proceed with caution!
Coquihalla Canyon Provincial Park is a popular tourist attraction. The Coquihalla River cuts through the Coquihalla Canyon. They also built two trestles and laid track through the canyon to complete the KVR Railway. The Othello Tunnels are open to tourists on May 24th and close on November 1st. The park, itself, is open year round.
Look for the Hope-Nicola trailhead sign in the upper parking lot at Coquihalla Canyon Provincial Park. The Historic 1860's Cattle Trail connects the KVR railway with the parking lot. When the Othello Tunnels are open, walk through the tunnels, over the Hope-Nicola Trail and back to parking lot
There is a bike route from Hope, Flood Hope Rd., Silver Creek to the Hope Airport. A Bike Skills Park on Kawkawa Lake Road, across the street from the Coquihalla Camp Grounds, is for all ages and skill levels.
Rotary Trail is an easy 1k walk, round trip, along the Coquihalla River. It starts at Wardle Street and Seventh Avenue, where Coquihalla River meets the Fraser River, and ends at the Hope Golf and Country Club Bridge. This nature trail is great for the casual outdoor walker and is suitable for all ages.
Thacker Mountain is only 3k from downtown Hope. Most hikers drive to the bottom of the mountain and park at the end of Thacker Mountain Road. Walk up the ‘4x4 service road’ to access the loop trail. The entire top of the mountain, which is more like a big hill, is covered in dozens of easy hiking / biking trails that have great views
Flood Falls is located 5 km. west of the town of Hope, on the south side of the highway. This is a short, easy hike of approximately 25 minutes, round trip. On a hot day, the falls provide a cool shower
Trailhead is across the Fraser River on highway 7 (across tfrom the truck weight scales). The single track climbs thru old growth fir and cedar trees.  It is ideal for hiking, dog walking and mountain biking.