Sunshine Valley

Cedar Lake

Cedar Lake"

April 2008

The Hope Slide is in the Cascade Mountains

There's a three season road up to the view point and parking lot and a short walk in the winter
Hope slide
"Johnson Peak"

In early morning of January 9, 1965 the largest slide in Canada occurred on the Hope Princeton Highway.

The Hope Slide (Hwy. 3 or the Crowsnest Highway) is 12k east of Hope on a mountain known as Johnson Peak  (2000m)

Triggered by an earthquake it obliterated the southwest
slope, completely filling Outram Lake and wiping out the highway. The debris field reached right across the valley,
and is up to 85m thick and 2k wide.

It's now bare rock with highway 3 built on top of the debris.

Only two of the four people that lost there lives that day were ever  recovered.

Hope Slide
"Before and after the slide"

Mt. Eaton
Leaving the slide and traveling east a couple hundred metres you will see a nice view of Mt. Eaton.

A couple of Kilometres further down the road you
 will come to Sunshine Village. 

Eaton Peak

Viewed from Hope Slide

"Trillium "First Wildflower in the spring

Along with the Dogwood Tree and Pacific Rhododendron, it is illegal to pick or damage a Western Trillium in British Columbia. 

The trillium takes up to fifteen years to flower
and once it has been picked it dies and the entire process begins again.

The trillium is of the lily family and grows as a perennial herb from an underground root. 

It appears from February to April

                                     "Cedar Lake"

"Cedar Lake"

                                         "After the Rain"