Sumallo River

Near West Gate - Manning Park
River is 
located in
the Cascade Mountains about 20 k east of
Is there a nicer small River?

"March 2008" 
"Can Spring be far off"

The Sumallo Rivers headwaters are south of the village of Sunshine Valley near
Silver Tip Mountain. 

The river first flows north then east  through Manning Park, eventually joining the Skagit River near Sumallo Grove.

There are three hundred year
old cedar trees growing in Sumallo Grove.
"Sumallo Grove"

"May 2008" 
Also home
mating Canada Geese
their families
  "The Kids"

At Sumallo Grove, the river
meets the historic Whatcom
Trail. (now called the Skagit River Trail)

The trail was built in 1858 to connect the USA to the B.C. interior gold fields.

The Skagit River Trail is 15k
and runs from Sumallo Grove
to 26 mile bridge in the
Skagit valley.

Still looks like Winter here - March 2008

These cabins were once
quality buildings but they have been abandoned for years.

With big mountains to the south there's not much sunshine in this valley and both buildings are quietly  returning to the land. 

The old Dewdney Trail
passed right by Bills front door and the Whatcom
Trail is not very far away.
Bill Robinson's 0ld cabins on the Sumallo River