Skagit Valley Silver Lake  Home

Silver Creek to Ross Lake is 60k. to the Canadian / U.S. border
Three kilometres west of Downtown
Hope is the community of Silver Creek.

Turn south on the Silver Skagit Road (west side of town, just across the
bridge and at the flasing traffic light)  and follow Silver Hope Creek  up 
to Silver Lake.

It's a gravel road that is  accessible
with two wheel drive in the spring, summer and fall.
"An old Cabin"   on Silver Skagit Rd.

Silver Hope Creek ...
 is about  eight kilometers
up the Silver Skagit 
... runs out of Silver Lake


March 2008
March 2008

Eureka Falls
into the Silver Skagit
at 6

On the
Silver Creek
with Mount Holy Cross
in the

Eaton - as seen from the North
  eaton peak
Eaton peak is usually hiked from the Skagit Valley via
the Eaton Lake Trail.

(approx. 20 k . from the community of Silver Creek).
"Eaton Peak"  2117 m. or 6946 ft.

It's great when you get this close, as
Coyotes are generally nocturnal

Coyotes are primarily carnivores and their
diet consists mostly of rodents and
small mammals
"Wiley Coyote"


Just one of many stumps that can
be seen at Ross Lake in
Skagit Valley Provincial Park

Note the springboard notches
 cut into the stump.
These notches
were cut into the base of the tree
before falling to give the loggers
a place
to stand.

The loggers would stand on a board
placed in the notch to get off the
ground because of deep snow or to
get higher up the tree, allowing
the men to pull their crosscut saws to cut through a narrower part of the trunk.

Silvertip Mountain (2250 Meters)
as seen thru' the shelter doorway
 at Ross Lake.

Skagit Valley Provincial Park (27,948 hectors) is part of a large protected area which includes Manning Park and the North Cascades National Park
in the USA.