Silver Lake

Silver Lake
Provincial Park

A 77
Hectare property that's 
10k south of Hope and 7k south of
the community of Silver Creek.

It's surrounded by steep mountains
and has a small waterfall at the North end of the lake.

Here's one of  a pair of freshwater Otters
living in the lake.

There's a nice campground with primitive camping on the southwest side of the lake with fire pits,

boat launch and picnic tables. 

It's accessible three seasons by car. In the winter
you can walk or cross the lake by boat. 

Fishing is very popular here with a 10 hp limit
on the boat motor.
"Freshwater Otter"

At the south end of this small lake
there's a marsh and sandy beach with spawning steelhead and rainbow trout.

From the campsite there's an old logging road for walking access to the west side.

March is great time to see the return migration of the Canada Goose.

April is a great time to see the whole goose and gosling family. 

Canada Geese are monogamous, sometimes staying together for life. 

The clutch size ranges from 2 to 9 eggs and  has an incubation period of 23 to 30 days.

The picture on the right represents
two families
" The Goose Family"