Othello Tunnels

These walking bridges are actually built right on top of the old Railway Trestles.
The Othello Tunnels are in
the Coquihalla Canyon Provincial Park,

Open Spring to fall this is a seasonal attraction. Check
out the parks website
for details.

Bike or Hike on the rail bed.The Park requests that you walk your bikes thru the tunnels.

Follow the Coquihalla River through the Canyon
and the four tunnels abandoned by  the Kettle Valley Railway.
"Othello Tunnels and Bridge"    Spring 2007

Canyon Rocks

"Laughing Rocks"


in the
Coquihalla River

Rock Group 

The old K.V.R.

At this point in the 
trail, Hope is only six
kilometres away.

With a 2% grade on the
old rail bed it is now
great for photography  biking, and hiking.
It is now preserved as a rail trail.
"Rail Bed"
"The Trail"  

Up to the tunnels in Spring

 This rail 
bed is also part of
the Trans - Canada 

There is
plenty of 

In the Coquihalla Canyon

"The Trail" 
"High Water" 

On the trail
Look in the rocks you might see a ...
 Wild Flower " Tiger Lily" 
... "Hoary Marmot" 

Sometimes called the...
Built between 1911 and 1918, Andrew McCulloch designed and built the tunnels and rail bed
that crosses the river twice.

 A fan of William Shakespeare, McCulloch named the stations after characters from Shakespearean plays.
... Quintette Tunnels
"Biking with the Dog"
"Old Railway Tunnels"