"The Old Hope Railway Station"  
The Canadian National Railway Station was built in 1915

Fraser  River...
  ... at Hope B.C.
The Bridge at Hope, was completed in 1915 by the Canadian Pacific Railway. The C.P.R. built the spur line over the Fraser  River into Hope. It connected with the Kettle Valley Railroad which traveled through the Coquihalla Canyon and into the southern interior of B.C.

Originally the top deck was a
wagon road, today cars travel on it. 

...to the right of the bridge, "Haig"  the old C.P.R  Station

...to the left, the town of Hope



"The Full Moon"   over Osprey Street at Kawkawa Lakeside
Hope at night

View from the Observation Area at the foot of Wallace Street in Downtown Hope

Fort Hope was founded  in 1848
by the Hudson's Bay Co.

The town of Hope was a major
player in the Gold Rush of 1858.

In June of the same year the first steamboat, the "Surprise"
landed at Hope.


  "Twilight on the Fraser"  From Centennial Park,