Hwy. 1 (Hope to Bridal Falls)
Cheam Wetlands Flood Falls

The east face of Mount Cheam plunges a couple of thousand feet, to Jones Lake (Waleach)

Can you see the cross that Simon Fraser saw?
History has 
it that in 1808 Simon Fraser saw
a Cross on the Mountain, 
while he 
canoeing down the Fraser.

"Holy Cross Mountain"  (Isolillock)  2060m
Over an unnamed Peak

2000m or 6800 ft.
Mount Cheam is the dominate feature to
the South East of Chilliwack.  That's Lady Peak in the background.

Fortunately there's an easier way of reaching the summit (than walking up this side).

Start up Chilliwack Lake road, and take the decommissioned logging road at Chipmunk Creek. From the trail head at Spoon Lake, a hiking trail leads to the sub alpine meadows and then climbs to the peak. 

The summit offers fabulous views of the Fraser Valley to the east and west.


"Mt. Cheam" 

are very common here they thrive in all the
local areas

Rocky Raccoon