Fraser River - Fraser Canyon

Local First Nations called the Fraser River ...
A small 
creek meets the Mighty Fraser 

...or is that the Muddy Fraser?
 ... Stó:lō

"Train Bridge" 
"On the Fraser" 

Between the Coast Mountains ...
The Fraser River runs 1400 kilometres (870 miles) from Mt. Robson to the
Pacific Ocean. In 1808, Simon Fraser
canoed down the river (that bears
his name) searching for a route to
the Pacific.
The river is now used extensively  for
and commercial purposes (including rafting and fishing).
... And the Cascade Mountains
"In the Canyon" 
"Near Hell's Gate" 

Chehalis First Nations
B.C. Rivers Day Historic Paddle ... On Sunday
September 28,
2008 - 112 people
made the journey between Yale and
Hope, BC to mark
the 150th Anniversary of British Columbia and the 200th anniversary of
Simon Fraser's
epic voyage
the Fraser River.
The event was hosted by Hope Mountain Centre, Yale and District
Historical Society, and
Fraser River Raft Expeditions

Musician and youth educator
Fraser River Raft Expeditions

The river trip
included cultural guides and talks on various sandbars
Gold Rush
and Fraser River Historians
and a freshwater
fish biologist

Just a few

A beautiful homemade wooden craft
of the participants