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The Coquihalla Highway (Hope to Merritt section) was completed in 1986. The elevation at the summit is 1240m

This part of the Coquihalla Highway has severe winter weather.

From Hope the highway parallels the Coquihalla River up to the summit (6 to 10% grades) and then
follows the Coldwater River down to Merritt.

"Coquihalla" is "Kwo:kwe:hala" in Stó:lō
First Nations.

"Looking  South"   from the Summit

"Yak Peak"  2075m or 6642 ft
Near the Great Bear Snow Shed and
Snowflake Snow Barrier

Coquihalla Summit Recreation Area



 "Zopkios Ridge" 
Small  "unnamed creek"


The Kettle Valley Railway Tunnel and Trestle at Ladner Creek are approximately 20k east of Hope on Highway 5.

After 1k walk to the tunnel, the walking gets a bit trickier as there has been a tunnel cave-in. Use great caution walking up and over the tunnel. The views at the trestle are fantastic.

 Needles Peak - 2075m or 6662 ft



Fall  2006



"Coquihalla Lake and Needles Mountain"
"Coquihalla Summit"


Built in1916
and abandoned  
in 1959, the K.V.R.  once ran from 
Nelson to Hope 
(over 500k)

Water Tower and Caboose in Brookmere



"Tunnel" on the old K.V.R.
"Brookmere Station" 


West of the toll booth ( removed September 2008) 54K from Hope at
the Coquihalla Summit, the Kettle Valley Railway separates 
from the Highway and goes south 
of Needles Mountain.

There is a gravel road running through this valley that parallels the rail bed.
It returns to the highway
approximately 30K later at Boston
Bar Creek. Although this is serious wilderness, it is an excellent bicycle route and has great views of the old Railway tunnels and trestles.

There is no motor vehicle
traffic on this road.

on the K.V.R.

"Bridal Veil Falls"